Lend Jake a Hand

Hello to you all, or just hello to you and thanks for visiting my blog. You may be wondering what this blog is all about, well I am a student at university and I will recently graduate. I moving and getting a job in London but I am in crappy situation.

I am moving to London, getting a minimum wage job (recession recession… thanks a lot ha ha ha ūüėÄ ) whilst trying to pay back two student loans ( a bank loan which we all know is a little bit of a bitch to pay back and a student loan which is much nicer).

¬†I am slightly worried, I need to pay back 25 000 ¬£ whilst living in London, paying back two loans in the same month (that means two payment plans argh) and trying to live my life. I am also trying to save up for a laptop because mine is living it’s last breath.

So what is this blog about, basically I am trying to get money from all kinds of ways, I have got 300 pounds saved up and I’m aiming to save up 25 000 pounds as fast as I can, a challenge ? I think so, but I’m up for it.

I will chronicle on this blog all my attemps to make a bit of extra cash, I’ve got a little ebay plan I will talk about later for example. However this blog is about¬†reaching out to¬†you, and to ask you to lend me a hand and just spare me¬†a little bit of¬†cash, even a pound is great. I’m trying to understand the power of the internet, if 25 000 people give a pound or 12 500 people two pounds I can achieve my objective (evidently that means 25 000 different people have to read my blog, a hard task but I’m hopeful)

Obviously that does not mean that I’m not going to be actively trying to earn money, that would be cheeky and lazy, but I have, like many, lots of plans, I’d like to do a masters for example and this pesky debt is a serious limit to that. That’s why I’m calling out to you, to see if you can lend me a hand and give me a pound.

Thanks a lot and keep coming back to see how my saving up is going.

PS: I am not a charity, just to let people know cuz that would be misleading and false, just a young kid trying to make ends meet and making his, possibly idealistic, plans come to fruition.

How to I lend a hand to Jake ?

  • Via Paypal: Just follow this link¬†to Paypal and enter my email address jakeneedsahandinlondon@googlemail.com enter your email adress, the amount you would like to send, click personal and then check “gift” (although I don’t think this part really matters)

I’m trying to figure out other ways to donate online but I can’t seem to find any, so for now it will have to be paypal but I’m going to find other alternatives as well.

Cheers to you all and hope you’re all well,